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Sydney Psychologist

Anxiety and stress impacting your life? A Sydney based psychologist may just be the answer!

Anxiety is tough to deal with on an individual basis, but when it impacts upon personal and professional rela-tionships, the anxiety can often manifest. Stress is a very common after effect of this manifestation. The qual-ified psychologists at Sydney Emotional Fitness are experienced in assisting clients to deal with anxiety before it reaches stressful levels.

As some of Sydney’s most experienced and innovative psychologists, Scott Wright and team use only current scientifically backed therapeutic methods in their practice. Such frameworks include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Interpersonal Psychotherapy, and Mindfulness Based Therapies. Through these methods, the root causes from which the anxiety has stemmed can be identified, and an effective plan of action for its treat-ment can be developed.

A primary aim of Sydney Emotional Fitness’ psychologists is to provide strategies for future self-management and regulation, empowering individuals in taking control in moments of anxiousness or stress. Promoting last-ing change, such strategies often bring about the evolution of emotional resilience among people, who de-velop practical toolkits in dealing and coping with anxiousness and stressful factors.

Managing anxiety and stress is vital to the success of both personal and professional relationships alike. To enquire further or to book an appointment, call one of the most experienced and qualified psychologists in Sydney on 1300 790 550.