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Sydney Emotional Fitness - Counselling, Psychologist and Coaching Services

Corporate Coaching

People are one of your organisations greatest assets. The way they are managed and in turn lead and manage their own teams can have a lasting effect on your business.

We provide coaching at all levels of management helping your people explore and navigate the business, become better strategic problem solvers, to approach, lead and manage their teams to create a more engaged, productive and retained workforce.

In our thought provoking sessions we will help grow your talent, to help them recognise not only their own potential but the potential of their teams to reach and sustain your long term vision.

Transitioning team members out of your organisation?

The way you off board your talent is as important to your brand as the initial onboarding process..

We understand how difficult it can be to transition out of an organisation and have created a supportive and practical program that will continue to promote engagement with your brand.

Consulting services include outplacement services. manager effectiveness coaching, high Performer/high Potential Coaching Programs.

Manager Effectiveness

People leaders are your key assets in any business. Too often however managers are promoted to lead people because they excel in their field rather than their ability to coach and manage people especially key talent.

Having a background in senior people leadership positions we understand that sometimes your managers need some help to develop both themselves and their people.
We offer both workshops and/or one on one coaching programs for your managers.

Both of these will enable your managers to fine tune their soft skills, to harness their emotional intelligence and to better intuit and understand their peoples needs. We spend time to guide and tease out the people manager within to ensure and to ensure that your leaders of the future are in good hands.


Outplacement is an integral part of any talent management best practice. An outgoing employee is your best advocate in the market as both a referrer of top talent and also as a consumer. The way you handle your outgoing employee is key to ensure a consistent positive brand image in the market.

At Sydney Emotional Fitness our background in the corporate talent space means we understand how important this is. We offer a comprehensive outplacement program to ensure this continuity and take over the employee relationship as coach and mentor.

Included in the Outplacement Program:

  • 6 week face to face coaching program with a focus on transition and goal setting
  • Review and/or build and design of social media profiles such as LinkedIn
  • How to utilise social media for networking and job opportunity creation
  • Resume review, build or rebuild
  • Interview preparation
  • Post interview review with feedback and coaching

High Performer/High Potential Coaching Programs

In any business people are your key asset. Investment in high performers and high potentials will ensure that both your employee value proposition and your employment advocacy remains strong as will your business n the hands of your future leaders. The opportunity to grow and develop professionally remains one of the top 3 retention requirements of top talent, our one on one coaching programs is a integral addition to your suite of benefits.

Our one on one coaching programs work in conjunction with your HR or Learning and Development teams to ensure that we assist and guide your future leaders to think differently, set professional goals and grow personally whilst developing professionally in line with the values and direction of your business.