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Stress Counselling Woolloomooloo

Improve Your Emotional Health with Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Counselling in Woolloomooloo

Most people experience depression, stress, and anxiety at some point in their everyday lives. Situations such as losing a loved one, going through a divorce, or losing a job can leave people feeling sad, scared, and fearful. These reactions are normal but when our performance on a job or our experiences in relationships begin to suffer, we may have deeper problems to address. Sydney Emotional Fitness offers depression, anxiety, and stress counselling near Woolloomooloo that can help individuals develop the tools that they need to maintain lasting emotional health. Our highly qualified psychologists and counsellors use evidence-based practices and tailor individual sessions to meet clients’ needs. Doing so has served us well in promoting our reputation in the Woolloomooloo area.

Depression and How to Treat It

We all experience a form of depression or struggle with low moods from time to time. For instance, we are unhappy when we do not do well on a work assignment or school project. We are sad when a loved one moves away. Depression is much different than just feeling sad or unhappy. It can be a debilitating and multifaceted emotional struggle. A large portion of the population will experience a bout of depression sometime in their lives. Depression counselling in Woolloomooloo can be a lifeline for those seeking emotional fitness and better overall health.

Our psychologists at Sydney Emotional Fitness use the latest methods including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and mindfulness-based strategies to treat depression. Our goal is to provide our clients with the tools and skills they need to manage their depression. The results leave clients with greater emotional fitness and help to improve their overall health.

Anxiety Counselling in Woolloomooloo

Anxiety issues differ from depression. We experience anxiety in response to stress, a threat, or some sort of danger. These situations trigger a perfectly normal fight or flight response so that we may evade the threat. When this fight or flight mechanism is persistent or excessive, it interferes with our ability to function in everyday life. The highly trained psychologists and counsellors at Sydney Emotional Fitness work with individual clients to remove barriers and move forward so that life can be meaningful and happy. We treat phobias, obsessions and compulsions, and post-traumatic stress. All can lead to painful and long-lasting anxiety issues.

Dealing with Stress

Stress can lead to anxiety and depression. We experience stress in our everyday lives but when it becomes persistent stress can overtake our lives. Stress can cause us to suffer at our jobs, in our relationships, and in our health. Sydney Emotional Fitness can help individuals get back on track to promote a successful and meaningful life using scientifically researched methods. In working with our therapists, clients will participate in an experience that will reward them with the tools they need to combat stress and achieve emotional resilience.

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