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Find Your Way to Long-Lasting Emotional Health with a Counsellor in Surry Hills

What makes a good counsellor? Is it someone who helps you through periods of grief, anger, stress, anxiety, depression and helps you find the light at the end of the tunnel for those emotional issues? Or is it someone who teaches you how to cope and gives you the tools that you need to handle life’s difficulties in the future?

At Sydney Emotional Fitness, we aim to combine both of these benefits into one comprehensive service of emotional wellness. Our counsellors in Surry Hills are concerned not just with the past, the present or the future, but all three:

We want to know what experiences in your past led to your anger, grief, stress or other emotional issues.

We want to help you resolve those matters in the present so that they no longer impact your day to day life.

Lastly, we want to give you the advice, knowledge and awareness you need to live a life of lasting emotional health and resilience.

A counsellor in Surry Hills who only focuses on solving your problem in the here and now is only doing half of their job. Wounds don’t heal forever. Life is full of challenges and hurdles, and some of them might put you back in an emotional state you thought you had left behind.

What makes Sydney Emotional Fitness an effective purveyor of emotional wellness is that we strive to give you the tools you need to maintain your own emotional fitness in the future. We aren’t operating under the illusion that grief of anxiety or depression will never strike you again, but we do believe that we can teach you ways to cope with those issues if and when they do return.

Sydney Emotional Fitness: Versatile Counselling Options in Surry Hills

At Sydney Emotional Fitness, one of our top aims is to provide a safe environment for any patient to work through their heartbreaks or emotional hurdles. Established in 2008, we have always been dedicated to providing a range of different counselling services in Surry Hills.

For instance, if you are battling undue levels of stress in your day to day life and believe it is having negative impacts on your health, you can give us a call. We are happy to sit down with you to discuss your stress, try to locate its primary sources and give you the tools to diminish it.

Our services are not just limited to one on one counselling either. On the contrary, our team is also qualified to offer relationship counselling in Surry Hills. If you and your spouse or significant other are going through a rough patch, our counsellors can work with you to salvage what you have.

We recognise that opening up about your relationship with a third party is difficult—especially if you are speaking with someone you don’t know. However, our counsellors are sensitive, helpful and dedicated to helping you, and your significant other find a way back to happiness. Sometimes, seeking the help that professionals like us can offer is the best way of saving a relationship that has lost its way.

Come to Sydney Emotional Fitness to Work with a Psychologist You Can Trust in Surry Hills

Have you been looking for a psychologist in Surry Hills and taking your time because you want to find someone you know you can trust?

If so, look no further than Sydney Emotional Fitness. In operation since 2008, we have a solid track record for helping patients overcome their psychological hurdles and develop lasting emotional wellness.

Also, we consistently follow all guidelines set by the APS (the Australian Psychological Society), the PBA (the Psychology Board of Australia) and the AHRPRA (the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency). We are completely committed to observing all ethical and professional codes of conduct—not just to maintain a respected and compliant place among Australian psychological practitioners, but also to ensure that we are delivering the finest treatments possible to our patients.

Speaking of patients, every patient at Sydney Emotional Fitness is treated by experienced psychologists who use results based and evidence based practices. Our treatments are all built around currently scientifically researched methods, to help our clients address their concerns in the safest environment possible. Whether you are working through a spell of grief or trying to get a handle on stress or anxiety problems, we will address the issue using methods that have been proven to work with former patients.

To open up about your emotional or psychological health is to make yourself vulnerable. In this vulnerable state, you deserve to know that the person treating you is qualified, ethical and aware of the best practices in the psychological field. In short, you need to know that you are working with someone you can help. When you come to Sydney Emotional Fitness and sit down with one of our psychologists in Surry Hills, you can be assured of just that.

Seek Stress Management At Sydney Emotional Fitness in Surry Hills

Stress is something that everyone experiences at some point – and for many, it is something they experience on a daily basis. Stress can be triggered by a range of factors, including family, finances, or work. In addition to these minor, day-to-day stresses, studies indicate that the average person deals with some form of major stress at some point each year. Stress produces a psychological as well as a physical response from the body. When we experience stress, the brain sends certain hormones to prepare for a response. When the stress is relieved or reduced, the body returns to normal. With everyday stresses, it is easy to see why stress management in Sydney City is so important. The professionals at Sydney Emotional Fitness have years of training and experience in helping people with the management of their stress.

What Can Cause Stress?

There are a variety of common stress triggers. These include, but are not limited to the following.

  • The demands of a job. Being unhappy at your place of employment as the result of a heavy workload, for example, can be a stressor. Having too much responsibility can also cause a person a lot of stress.
  • Major life events. Getting married or moving into a new home, while huge steps in someone’s life, are also events that cause a lot of stress. The same holds true for divorce, the loss of a job, or a major accident.
  • The death of a loved one. When you lose someone very important in your life, it can be very tough to deal with.
  • Financial problems. Dealing with meeting one’s monthly financial obligations can be a very stressful task. Not knowing how to pay a certain bill, or dealing with the effects of not being able to pay is a lot to bear. Finances are a big reason why stress management in the Sydney CBD is needed.
  • Family. One’s family is a big source of stress. Caring for children, especially if they are sick, is difficult. Caring for an elderly loved one is an added burden. A traumatic event involving a family member is also a source of stress.

Stress management at Sydney Emotional Fitness is a big part of the treatment offered by the psychologists. They understand that being stressed can lead to decreases in job performance and affect relationships. They will provide individuals with the treatment necessary to overcome these stressors and lead fuller lives.

Why Select Sydney Emotional Fitness For Stress Management In Surry Hills?

Psychologists at Sydney Emotional Fitness are highly trained, and have years of experience in stress management in Surry Hills and all over Sydney. The professional staff works with each individual and their personal experiences to get a better idea of their stress and what is causing it. From there, treatment involves using the most current and innovative methods all based on scientific research. Not only do individuals receive treatment for their current stress-related issues, they also receive the tools and skills necessary for dealing with stressors in the future. The aim of Sydney Emotional Fitness is to promote lasting emotional health, resilience, and overall wellbeing.

Sydney Emotional Fitness Offers Anxiety Treatment Services to Surry Hills and Beyond

There is much in the world to worry about. From finance to education, employment to social demands, various stresses arise each day. However, some individuals find themselves unable to cope with these stressors, experiencing ever-growing levels of concern. This is known as an anxiety disorder, and it requires treatment.

Sydney Emotional Fitness now provides comprehensive anxiety treatment to Surry Hills. We strive to identify the causes of this disorder and help our patients cope with them more effectively.

What is Anxiety?

Before seeking anxiety treatment in Sydney city, individuals should first understand what this issue is (rather than confusing it with basic reactions to everyday stress). Simply defined, an anxiety disorder encompasses exaggerated feelings of worry, fear, or tension. These feelings are long lasting and tend to reveal themselves in a series of phobias or panic attacks. They disrupt normal routines with their intensity.

Those experiencing these issues are encouraged to visit Sydney Emotional Fitness. We provide anxiety treatment in the Sydney CBD, as well as anxiety treatment in Sydney’s surrounding suburbs.

Rely on Exceptional Standards for Anxiety Treatment in Surry Hills

Individuals in need of anxiety treatment in Surry Hills, and other neighbourhoods must understand the importance of choosing the right services. Only rely on counsellors who are certified with both the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). This is to ensure that only scientifically proven treatments such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Interpersonal Psychotherapy are used.

Sydney Emotional Fitness provides such treatments. Our experienced staff adheres to the standards of the APS and AHPRA, offering comprehensive anxiety treatment services to the Sydney CBD and beyond.

What Expectations Should Those Seeking Anxiety Treatment in Sydney Have?

Before beginning anxiety treatment in Surry Hills and other Sydney neighbourhoods, individuals should be aware of three important facts. First, all sessions are private and confidential. Second, all sessions are conducted by qualified counsellors or psychologists. And finally, there is no established schedule for healing. Sessions will demand as much – or as little – time as patients need. Remember these facts when considering anxiety treatment in the Sydney CBD and beyond.

Sydney Emotional Fitness Focuses on Resilience

There is no such thing as a fast fix. Those seeking anxiety treatment in Surry Hills or other areas should never expect instant results and easy insights. This is typically a lengthy (and difficult) process, requiring full cooperation between patients and counsellors.

While providing anxiety treatment for Sydney city, the Sydney Emotional Fitness centre focuses both on identifying immediate triggers and teaching individuals how to address those triggers in the future. We establish long-lasting support, helping our patients better adapt to (and control) their environments. It’s only through this that healing can occur.

To learn more about our process – as well as to schedule an appointment for anxiety treatment in Surry Hills, contact us today.