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Stress Counsellor Sydney City

Our Stress Counsellor in Sydney City Wants to Put the Enjoyment Back in Your Life

The Australia Psychological Society conducts annual studies on the incidents, causes and effects of stress on Australians. The 2015 study found that over the past five years, the leading causes of stress in descending order are: personal finance, family issues, personal health, trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and issues with the health of others. The study further found that the five most popular ways of managing stress during the same period were: watching television, focusing on the positives, spending time with family and friends, listening to music and reading.

It was also evident that people who suffer greater levels of anxiety and depression are also far more likely to smoke cigarettes, gamble, take recreational drugs and drink alcohol. An alarming number of Australians are turning to gambling to deal with anxiety.

While some of these tools for dealing with stress are positive, like spending time with family or friends, many of them are not, and may ultimately increase your stress levels over time. A stress counsellor in Sydney City can help you avoid those unhealthy ways of attempting to deal with your stress.

At Sydney Emotional Fitness, our experienced stress counsellor in Sydney City can help you identify the sources of your stress. We will then assist you in implementing the healthy, positive ways to manage or eliminate that stress so you can enjoy life and those around you, rather than being preoccupied by your anxiety.