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Psychologist Surry Hills

Come to Sydney Emotional Fitness to Work with a Psychologist You Can Trust in Surry Hills

Have you been looking for a psychologist in Surry Hills and taking your time because you want to find someone you know you can trust?

If so, look no further than Sydney Emotional Fitness. In operation since 2008, we have a solid track record for helping patients overcome their psychological hurdles and develop lasting emotional wellness.

Also, we consistently follow all guidelines set by the APS (the Australian Psychological Society), the PBA (the Psychology Board of Australia) and the AHRPRA (the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency). We are completely committed to observing all ethical and professional codes of conduct—not just to maintain a respected and compliant place among Australian psychological practitioners, but also to ensure that we are delivering the finest treatments possible to our patients.

Speaking of patients, every patient at Sydney Emotional Fitness is treated by experienced psychologists who use results based and evidence based practices. Our treatments are all built around currently scientifically researched methods, to help our clients address their concerns in the safest environment possible. Whether you are working through a spell of grief or trying to get a handle on stress or anxiety problems, we will address the issue using methods that have been proven to work with former patients.

To open up about your emotional or psychological health is to make yourself vulnerable. In this vulnerable state, you deserve to know that the person treating you is qualified, ethical and aware of the best practices in the psychological field. In short, you need to know that you are working with someone you can help. When you come to Sydney Emotional Fitness and sit down with one of our psychologists in Surry Hills, you can be assured of just that.

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