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Grief Therapist Sydney City

If you are Suffering from Grief, Call Our Grief Therapist in Sydney City

It is very normal for individuals to feel down and at a loss after they lose a loved one. They may also feel that way after the termination of a long-standing significant relationship. Everyone deals with these situations in their very personal way.

However, there are times when you feel like you just can’t shake the feelings of significant loss, and you are unable to move on. The grief remains raw and compelling, and it begins to affect other aspects of your life adversely. You may be unable to manage the usual tasks of life. You may feel insecure. You may “self-medicate” by the over-use of alcohol or drugs. You may even have persistent thoughts of doing harm to yourself or others. These are all signs that you may need help dealing with your grief. If you are suffering from these symptoms, you should call our grief therapist in Sydney City.

Many times, an individual just needs to discuss their situation with a trained unbiased grief therapist in Sydney City, to move on in a productive manner. Other times counselling is required to help you deal effectively with your feelings and emotions and to get you back on track with some direction and purpose.

At Sydney Emotional Fitness, we take an evidence-based approach utilising proven strategies to help you deal with your grief. We strive to provide a comfortable caring environment and strive for measurable results to assist you to return to that feeling of well-being and bring fulfilment back into your life.