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Why You Need Executive Outplacement Services in Sydney and How a Career Change Coach Can Help

It happens all the time: a company is facing budget cuts, or an employee isn’t performing well enough, and the best option is to cut your losses. Even though this is often the best decision, it puts your former employees in an awkward spot. Being out of work for extended periods can lead to a host of problems such as depreciation of skills, home loss, and inability to find employment again. That’s why outplacement services are so essential.

Companies offering outplacement services assist their former employees in their job searches, an invaluable service in a wavering economy. If you haven’t thought about offering outplacement services, consider their advantages over traditional severance pay packages.

Reduce Unemployment

A severance pay package alone cannot create new job opportunities. This compensation may be warranted – and often is – but your displaced workers have other needs besides immediate cash. Outplacement services in Sydney can include helpful services such as career management, resume assistance, and networking advice, all of which can help individuals secure new jobs. These things reduce the unemployment number and help people get back on their feet more quickly than just a payout.

Maintain Positive Relationships

No matter how their employment ends, the reality is that most of your displaced workers did contribute to the success of your company at one time or another. Executive outplacement services in Sydney help you maintain healthy relationships with former employees during a time when their mindset may not be so positive. For example, partnering your former employees with alumni services or providing relocation assistance can show them that you care about their prospects and preserving your relationship.

Increased Productivity of Your Current Team

Business is tough, but it’s important to communicate to your employees that if things don’t go well, the company will be there to help. Outplacement services such as providing a career change coach in Sydney demonstrates your dedication to your team, increasing their productivity and engagement as they become aware of your commitment to them as individual people.

Better Image

The image of your brand is everything. Outplacement solutions improve your company’s reputation, show your dedication to current and former employees, and prove that you can provide solutions today’s workers need. These solutions include networking connections, access to job boards, and transfer options, to name a few.

Executive Outplacement Services by Sydney Emotional Fitness

Your displaced workers need more than severance pay. They need practical solutions that can help them find new jobs. Outplacement solutions that include a career change coach can help them transition into a new future. At Sydney Emotional Fitness, we understand how important this is. That’s why we offer a comprehensive outplacement program to maximise your former employees’ odds of success while helping you maintain a consistently positive brand image in the market. Contact us today to learn more about our six- and eight-week tailored programs that help rebuild confidence and resilience and provide the tools your former employees need now and in the future.