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Always Searching for Symptoms Online? Our Counsellors in Sydney City Have the Answer

Are you often afraid you have fallen gravely ill? Are you constantly looking up symptoms online in case there was something your doctor might have missed? Is it keeping you up at night, tossing and turning, imagining that worst case scenario?

If so, you may have a condition called hypochondriasis, an anxiety disorder characterised by the tendency to misinterpret minor aches and pains as indicative of a more severe illness. This fear often lingers even after a doctor has given the hypochondriac a clean bill of health and can quickly blossom into a debilitating obsession. For a person with hypochondriasis, the belief that they are sick can be just as much of a hurdle to overcome as actually being so. Luckily, there are experienced counsellors in Sydney City ready and able to help.

Sydney Emotional Fitness is well equipped to aid even the most convinced hypochondriac. Our team employs only the most current scientifically researched methods, with the goal of improving our client’s emotional wellbeing and resilience always at the forefront. With a variety of evidence-based and outcome-oriented treatment techniques tailored to the individual, our counsellors in Sydney City will help you get to the root of your issue. Our psychologists understand the severity of the anxiety associated with hypochondriasis and are well versed in numerous scientifically-proven stress management techniques. They will arm you with useful coping mechanisms that will help you keep calm, even when you’re certain that the funny feeling in your right arm means you’re on death’s door.